Divine Guidance

Mimi Folco

Astrology & Tarot

Mimi Folco, originally from San Francisco CA, has found her home in Columbia County, NY. She uses Tarot as a tool to explore the self and solidify the value we have as individuals.. She also uses it as a guide to help her clients understand the deeper aspects of life. Her goal as a reader is to help you achieve the best version of yourself and to value your own contributions. In a session with her you will explore what gives you power and joy as well as working on releasing what no longer serves you.

Not only is she a reader, but Mimí is also offering Workshops and Classes for people interested in learning to read for themselves. Having seen the impact it has, she hopes to share the deep insight it provokes by teaching others the techniques of Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology. She also works with the Moon’s energy and offers a community tarot reading based on experience each New and Full Moon.


Mimi offers classes and private sessions. Please see the Upcoming Offerings page for details and registration.

Click the link below to book private Tarot reading or Astrology reading.

When booking Astrology or Tarot sessions please include your first, middle and last name as well as birth day, time and location.

**Sessions are scheduled in 30 minute time slots, if you would like an hour session please book two 30 minute sessions back to back.

Mimi also offers several virtual Tarot reading groups and courses, please email her directly for more information: mimifolco@gmail.com