Own Your Worth

There are people who want to grow & people who want to stay the same…. which are you?!

A 3 month transformational program starting March 2024!

What this program is all about!

In the Health and Wellness world there is 1,0001 different diets to follow some of which are fad diets that work for some and not for others. People can spend so much money on all these different “fad” quick fix diets that don’t create results for them. Throughout Stephanie’s Health Coaching education there was one thing that really stood out to her: Bio-individuality. This is a term that’s used to recognize that everyone has different needs. Things that cause inflammation to one person is entirely different than another person. What is hard about it is that the mainstream diet consists of many of those inflammatory foods leaving many of our population to develop autoimmune disease. What we are missing is people talking & educating others to listen to their bodies/times of year and find the foods, movements, exercises, tools that work for them so that they can use them for the rest of their lives. That is exactly how this program was developed!

This program has 3 tiers for you to pick from:

Beginner, Moderate, or Advanced

We will all be following the same course material.

Some programs will have more supportive services than others is the difference.

What we will all do together as a group:

Read “Inflammation Spectrum” by Dr. Will Cole

Read “How to Do the Work” by Dr. Nicole Lepera

Get together for group discussions about the readings

Have access to 3 weekly yoga classes in-person, virtually or recorded for later viewing

Get together for hikes

Get together for movement

Have fun & make new friendships

Celebrate learning & growing together

Create a safe & non judgmental environment for those who are doing the work

Program Breakdown:

All group meetings will take place on times that work best for all participants & you will have to option to join meetings virtually

Beginner Program:

The most basic & convenient option for people who want change, but can’t commit more than 3 hours a week

Access to 3 months of Unlimited Mindful Movement Yoga (3 classes per week)

Weekly Group Hiking

Weekly Group Meetings

Grocery Store Tour

Moderate Program:

A great option for a motivated person with support.

This plan includes:

3 months of Unlimited Mindful Movement Yoga (3 classes per week)

Weekly Hiking Group

Group Meetings

Grocery Store Tour

2 – 1:1 Herbalist Consultation with Josie Moon of Mighty Moon Medicine

3- 1:1 Support Sessions with Stephanie

Advanced Program:

For those of you who want it all!

This plan includes:

3 months of Unlimited Mindful Movement Yoga (3 classes per week)

Weekly Hiking Group

Group Meeting

Grocery Store Tour

6-1:1 Support sessions with Stephanie

2- 1:1 Herbalist Consultation with Josie Moon of Mighty Moon Medicine

4-1:1 Yoga Therapy sessions (A yoga program that is designed

specifically for your needs) with Stephanie

Physical Symptoms this program has helped with:

Headaches & Migraines


Joint Pain

Brain fog

Inflammation (which can result in weight loss)

Steps we take to improve these symptoms:

Follow an elimination diet created by a Functional Medicine Dr. (you will choose between eliminating 4 inflammatory foods or 8 inflammatory foods) all of which reduce inflammation in your body

Then once foods start to be added back to your diet is where you can feel & notice which foods are causing a reaction in your body

Move & Breath to help reduce pain & inflammation in our joints, stretch our muscles, build strength, improve Oxygen decrease C02

Move & Breath to start to pay attention to our nervous system

Learn about the Nervous System & its roles in inflammation & stress

Learn about your body & the seasons to help create balance in movement

Have fun while we do it!

The Inner-Work involves:

Discovering your Emotional Body

Analyzing & Learning Family Dynamics

Meeting your Inner-child

Changing Personal Belief Stories

Creating & Holding Boundaries

Developing Emotional Maturity

Finding Confidence

How we do that work:

Work through “How To Do the Work” a insightful book written by a holistic psychologist, Dr. Nicole Lepera

Create a safe space for sharing with each other and 1:1 if you so choose!

Learn about Nervous System Regulation

Learn tools & techniques to work through emotions we carry and find regulation so that we can move through life with more stability

Learn ways to cope & regulate your emotions that you can always use

Use techniques to develop healthy boundaries

Have fun growing && so much more!

This program is for:

Anyone who is looking to invest in learning about lasting methods to use for the betterment of their life

Anyone who is not getting answers about migraines, acne, joint pain, allergies, heartburn & Indigestion, or has a family history of autoimmune disease

Anyone who wants to take a proactive step to feeling healthy

Anyone who is willing to go deep & do the work to change the patterns in their personal lives that hold them back from the life they want

Anyone who wants to use food as a way to heal, listening to what their body likes/doesn’t like

Anyone who wants to take a preventative & alternative approach to healthcare

This program is NOT for:

Anyone who struggles with eating disorders

Anyone who is not ready to explore their childhood/traumas/shadow work

People who are not ready to work hard/do the work

People who don’t believe lifestyle changes can affect their longterm health

People not ready for a challenge

People who are Vegetarian/Vegan and are unwilling to eat meat & fish

Don’t want to wait until next year? This program can be available 1:1!

Book a connection call with Stephanie to find out more!

Contact: Stephanie@rootsholisticwellness.com

Growth is part of Nature, So are you!