Yoga Therapy

with Stephanie

Yoga therapy is an approach that blends physical therapy & the ancient teachingss of yoga to create a practice that is exclusive to you. Whether you’ve had to stop taking traditional yoga classes because of an injury, want to gain range of motion back, or you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or any other condition our yoga therapist is trained to come up with a practice that is specifically targeted to your needs. 

Lymphatic Drainage Consultations:

With Stephanie

A 1 hr lymph drainage consultation.

Showing you everything you need to know for bringing lymphatic drainage to your home healthcare routine. From increasing circulation, decreasing congestion, and boosting energy and immunity.

This includes the proper dry brushing techniques, Gua sha, & Cupping techniques specific to lymphatic drainage for the body & face.

Private Yoga

 Private Yoga sessions are available for anyone who really loves the space to have a yoga session that is specific your yourself! We are able to accommodate any kind of yoga practice; from Chair Yoga to Advanced Practices; anyone really looking to build strength and flexibility.

Private Sound Bath

with Stephanie

Music Therapy and Sound Healing provides many great health benefits and can be great for connection with a friend, partner, or group!

Some of the most highly reported benefits of music therapy and sound healing include:

Reduced stress

Lower Inflammation

Lower blood pressure

Lower cholesterol levels

Pain Relief

Reduced risk of heart disease

Improved sleep

**We are able to host small groups outdoors, Please indicate if this is something your looking for when signing up!

To schedule email or call / text 518-821-1710

Biomagnetic Therapy

with Sarah Proechel

Medical Biomagnetic Therapy is a holistic, scientific method taught in universities in Spain, Ecuador & Mexico. It is an internationally practiced health system that strives to attain bio-energetic balance in the human body using pairs of rare earth magnets. By placing pairs of magnets in specific parts of the body, we can correct energetic dysfunctions, reestablish cellular voltage and terminate in a short period of time most viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites while boosting the immune system, helping to reduce inflammation and promoting the body to go into homeostasis so it can start to heal naturally. The ultimate goal of bio-magnetic therapy is to balance pH levels of alkalinity and acidity in the body and bring your pH level to 7.3 which then creates a healthy environment for your body to defend chronic illnesses.

Sarah works with physical symptoms, emotional struggle, trauma, and chronic health conditions. Usually these seemingly separate issues are all related in some way. Sarah’s knowledge of biomagnetism, polarity therapy, Reiki, singing therapy, Birth into Being method, Feminine Power, and homeopathy can tie into a session when she feels it is right.

The number of sessions needed varies from client to client and is influenced by the complexity and duration of the patient’s health concerns. Most conditions improve or are resolved in 1-3 treatments, some may require 3-5 sessions while a few chronic or long term conditions may require additional sessions. Once the patient’s health has been restored, regular treatments every 6 months are recommended as a form of preventative health maintenance, especially in tropical areas where during the rainy season there is an increase in pathogens such as parasites, bacterias, and

Medical Biomagnetic Therapy is a complementary therapy, it can be used with other
allopathic or holistic medical treatments, and while taking allopathic or natural
medications most of the time.

Snug fitting clothes and sock are required for your session!

To schedule your session follow the link below:

Interested in a package for your special event? Any of our services can be available for you on or off location Privately and as a package. Please contact us for more information!