Lili G.

“I have been taking Stephanie Gaylord‘s yoga classes for a little over three years now and my favorite thing about Stephanie is that she is always evolving and bringing new learning to her practice. I can truthfully say that we have never had the same class twice in all the time I’ve been with her. At the beginning of each class, Stephanie asks us students how we are feeling today. No matter what we come up with (feeling a little stiff today, feeling a little low energy or wanting a higher energy work out) Stephanie is ready to provide guidance to meet the moment. During the session, she gives us little reminders about breathing and not trying to be perfect and feeling the ground underneath you, which are so helpful when trying to learn new poses and are the key to making the whole experience safer and more enjoyable. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone who wants to enjoy the experience of practicing yoga. I stay with Stephanie because through yoga she makes me feel good and I believe that’s the best practice there is.”