Stephanie W.

“Throughout the years, I had ‘tried’ yoga many times. And, although I always knew that a yoga practice would be beneficial in my life, I never continued a practice for any length of time. After retirement, I promised myself I would try again – and now I understand why it had never worked for me before. I had never found a yoga teacher like Stephanie.

Stephanie is thoughtful and attentive to everyone’s physical issues (in our class of mostly 60+ ladies), and she has a plan and purpose for every class. She is patient and non-judgmental, which keeps me motivated. Thoughtful in her preparation, she is always bringing new and interesting ways to improve our practice as she learns and grows along with us. As I’m learning healthier ways to breathe, I find that I’m falling asleep faster, waking up more refreshed, and able to relax more completely. My practice has improved my body’s tone, flexibility, and balance more than I was ever able to achieve with other kinds of training or exercise.

So, thank you Stephanie for all of your dedication and genuine kindness in helping me and others learn how to find peace and better health in these challenging times. I look forward to continuing the journey together with you.”