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At this time we do not offer “class cards” through an online software. You can however, purchase a gift certificate that you use for classes and we will keep on site for you!

We offer sliding scale pricing $15-$25 per class and DO NOT turn people away for lack of funds!

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Monday 8-8:45 AM

Pilates Mat Class

Led by Rebecca Malcolm Williams

Start your morning off with this invigorating heart and soul of the Pilates Method; Pilates Mat Class with Rebecca. She will lead you in a fun and inviting way focused on core strength, breath and alignment and promises to take your balance, control & abdominals to a deeper level. This class is an upbeat pace with variations given to do more or less.

sliding scale $15-$25

Starting Sept 11th available on zoom:

Monday 5:30-6:30 pm

*9/25-11/6 will be subbed by Stephanie

Mens Yoga

Led by Patrick Heffernan

A one hour weekly session led by 500 hr certified yoga teacher Patrick Heffernan. Expect exercises specifically designed to build strength and mobility in you body that incorporate poses from yoga, functional movement, body weight strength trainings, isometrics, breath work and more!

Come hang out for an hour, take a few deep breaths, learn some things about your body (and mind) and challenge yourself!

Open to all levels

sliding scale $15-$25

Take advantage of our virtual option at home. Click the link below to join:

Passcode: 098256

Monday & Wednesday at 9- 10:15 AM

Saturdays at 8:15- 930am

Mindful Movement

led by Stephanie Gaylord

Mindful Movement is movement done with awareness and integrity. Imbalanced movement focusing on just strength or just flexibility is being discovered as the cause of many injuries today. Having a more balanced movement practice serves as injury prevention and healthier bodies as we age. This class provides variations for less intense or more intense movements. Props are encouraged and used to get different movements. We work with movement for joints, mobility, strengthening & stretching and acupressure release. Using diaphragmatic breathing to encourage release emotionally & physically.

Take advantage of our virtual class option!

Monday Zoom link:

Wednesday & Saturday Zoom link:

sliding scale $15-$25

Monday 7-8:15PM

Restorative Yoga

led by Shanti Nandi

This gentle class is for individuals of every ability looking for stress relief, better sleep, and the desire for a quieter mind. We will create a gentle ambiance with dim lights and gentle background music. Props will be available to support passive stretching, relaxing the body, and deepening the breath. Energetic work, essential oils, and hands on adjustments will be offered during the class to deepen the experience.

Sliding Scale $15-$25

Tuesday at 9-10 AM
Wednesday 5:30-6:30 PM
Saturday 10-11 AM

Barre Class

Led by Brittany Craig

Join Brittany of River Barre for an invigorating fun class that is a fusion of pilates mat class and barre.

You must pre-register!

Tuesdays 11am-12pm

Pilates Foundations

led by Dr. Ali Kochey

Join Ali, doctor of physical therapy and movement specialist, through a contemporary approach to a pilates mat class.We’ll explore the connections between breath, balance, and coordination, while using intentional, creative movement to improve flexibility, strength, and stability.Expect low-impact intentional movements to provide  you with a slow-burn of strength. Props and modifications to articulate movements and vary the difficulty level.

Sliding Scale $15-$25

Also available on Zoom!

Tuesdays 5-6 pm

Elevate Flow

led by Nora Fenner

Vinyasa flow style class building strength and flexibility through alignment. Modifications are encouraged to make the pose fit you best!

Sliding Scale $15-$25

1st Wednesday of every month 6:45-7:45 PM

FREE Community Movement

An entirely free yoga class for all levels led by rotating teachers!

October 4th: Elevate Flow with Nora

November 1st: Burlesque with Breanna

You do not need to register!

Wednesday 8-8:45am

Mindful Vinyasa

led by Stephanie

Do you love to begin your mornings with sun salutations? Or want to try and see what that feels like? This class will be led with traditional yoga sequences with a mindful approach to do more or less.

Take advantage of our virtual option!

Sliding scale $15-$25

Wednesdays 1045-12 pm

Foundational Yoga for the Aging Body

Led by Stephanie

This class shares simple, helpful & practical movements from the Joint Freeing Series & Yoga Therapy. We practice for Mobility, Functional Movement, Strength & Balance. We use breathing practices & meditation practices for stress-relief. This class is tailored to beginners and can accomodate people who need to sit in a chair.

sliding scale $15-$25

Thursday 7-8 AM

*NO CLASS 9/28-11/2 while Patrick is away

Yin Yoga

Led by Patrick Heffernan

Sliding Scale $15-$25

Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue, joints, and fascia where your cellular identity is stored. Come hang out with Patrick on a Tuesday mornings and lay over a bolster or two in a yin posture to help you release what you’re sotring and make way for who you’re becoming. Patrick will guide you through the three principles of the Yin yoga practice.

1. Come to the appropriate depth. 2. Find stillness 3. Hold for time.

Over the course of the hour you’ll allow the musculature structure of your body deactivate in long-held postures, making space for cooling and quiet quality of yin to arise and find balance with the fiery movement of yang.

Also available on Zoom!

Thursdays at 9-10 AM

Gentle Flow

Led by Melissa Forbes

Sliding scale $15-$25

Yoga for strength and ease by enjoying a practice of conscious breathing with movement. Strengthening what is weak and relaxing what is constricted. Our body and breath become stronger and more easeful. Our heart and mind become better able to focus and experience calm present awareness.

Join Virtually with the link below!

Thursday Night Series/Workshops

In an effort to bring different things into your routine this is a space meant exactly for that! A Rotating schedule! Please check our events page or calendar to see what’s happening on Thursday nights!

Friday 9 -10:15 AM

9/29-11/3 will be subbed by Shanti

Strong Flow

Led by Patrick Heffernan

Sliding Scale $15-$25

A vigorous 75 minute class that integrates yoga poses in a vinyasa style with the Animal Flow forms and transitions. This class is situable for anyone who already has some experience with yoga and a familiarity with moving in their body. Students will be invited to build strength in their muscles at their range of motion through isometrics and bodyweight resistance exercises. You can also expect a dose of dharma and yoga philosophy making this a wonderful Bhakti Infused class.

Also available on Zoom!

Passcode: 098256

Sunday 10 -11 AM

Somatic Slow Flow

Led by Kristy Gasseholm

*Subbed by Ashley Cedarwood until Kristy returns to teaching

sliding scale $15-$25

Your body holds the wisdom.

When you connect with your body, you depend your relationship with yourself and can tap into the inherent wisdom within you.

In this class you’ll get to explore different aspects and angles of somatic and mind-body connection through yoga, breath awareneess and embodiment practices.

Kristy offers intentional movement with the freedom for exploration within postures so you can tune into your body and learn new ways of connecting and being present with yourself.

Every Somatic Slow Flow class is accessible for everyone, from complete beginners to lifetime practitioners.

Suitable for people of all levels.

Drop in or pre-register

25 Main St. Chatham Ny