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At this time we do not offer “class cards” through an online software. You can however, purchase a gift certificate that you use for classes and we will keep on site for you!

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Mens Yoga

Monday 6-7 PM

A one hour weekly session led by 500 hr certified yoga teacher Patrick Heffernan. Expect exercises specifically designed to build strength and mobility in you body that incorporate poses from yoga, functional ,movement body weight strength trainings, isometrics, breath work and more!

Come hang out for an hour, take a few deep breaths, learn some things about your body (and mind) and challenge yourself!

Open to all levels

Drop-in: sliding scale $15-$20

Mindful Movement

Monday & Wednesday at 9- 10:15 am

*No class August 8th & 10th

Mindful Movement, led by Stephanie.

A class for all levels, includes movement for joints, strengthening & stretching. Emphasis on breathing and healthy movement.

Take advantage of our virtual class option:

Monday Zoom link:

Wednesday Zoom link:

Drop in or pre register $10.00-$20.00 per person

Yin Yoga

Tuesday 7-8am

*starts August 23rd

with Patrick Heffernan

Sliding Scale $10-$20

Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue, joints, and fascia where your cellular identity is stored. Come hang out with Patrick on a Tuesday mornings and lay over a bolster or two in a yin posture to help you release what you’re sotring and make way for who you’re becoming. Patrick will guide you through the three principles of the Yin yoga practice. 1. Come to the appropriate depth. 2. Find stillness 3. Hold for time. Over the course of the hour you’ll allow the musculature structure of your body deactivate in long-held postures, making space for cooling and quiet quality of yin to arise and find balance with the fiery movement of yang.


Tuesday 6-7pm

with Chris Hayes

sliding scale $10-$20

Expect to learn Qigong sets that are complementary in preparation for learning the Yang Style T’ai Chi Empty Hand Form.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese self-care healing and mindfulness practice which uses movement, breath, intention, meditation, sound and self-massage to improve the functioning of every system in the body.  As we practice, we can reduce or alleviate chronic and acute patterns of stress and pain not only physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

These classes can be taken by both beginners and those with previous experience. Class material is learned sequentially over time it’s suggested that you contact the instructor if you want to join in after a few sessions!

Barre Class

Join Brittany of River Barre
Tuesday at 9- 10 AM
Wednesday 5:30- 6:30 PM
Saturday 10- 11 AM

You must pre-register!

Be With Your Breath

Fridays at 9-10 am (starting August 19th)

with Melissa Forbes

Sliding scale $15-$20

Yoga for strength and ease by enjoying a practice of conscious breathing with movement. Strengthening what is weak and relaxing what is constricted. Our body and breath become stronger and more easeful. Our heart and mind become better able to focus and experience calm present awareness.

Moderate Vinyasa

Sundays 8-9 am (Starts August 14th)

This class will give you an opportunity to move, breathe, and stretch through traditional Vinyasa sequences. Start your Sunday with a class that will open your heat, mind and body to the possibilities of the day

sliding scale $15-$20

Gentle Yoga For Everybody

Sundays from 10 -11am

*No class August 7th

Led by Kristy Gasseholm

Feel deeply nourished and strengthen your self care practice with this one hour feel good class. Using essential oils, mantra, breath, movement, and empowering techniques to access the divine wisdom of your body.

Suitable for people of all levels.

Drop in or pre-register

$15.00-$20.00 per person

Community Yoga

1st Wednesday of every month 6:45-7:45 PM

An entirely free yoga class for all levels led by rotating teachers!

June 1st with Kristy

August 3rd with Michelle Lagonia

You do not need to register!

Strong Flow

Thursday mornings at 9 -10:15am

With Patrick Heffernan

A vigorous 75 minute class that integrates yoga poses in a vinyasa style with the Animal Flow forms and transitions. This class is situable for anyone who already has some experience with yoga and a familiarity with moving in their body. Students will be invited to build strength in their muscles at their range of motion through isometrics and bodyweight resistance exercises. You can also ecpect a dose of dharma, yoga philosophy and a sweet playlist to flow to .

Outdoor Yoga at SABBA Vineyard

383 Pitts Hall Rd. Old Chatham

Saturday at 11 am- 12pm

This Class includes a glass of wine! Please bring your own yoga mat!

To register please visit the SABBA vineyard website found here!

Vinyasa Flow

Monday & Wednesday 7-8 am

with Rachel Wood, 500hr RYT

Jumpstart your day with poses held for 5-breaths, a focus on alignment and building
strength. Best for those with some prior yoga experience. See you in class!

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