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Come visit our wellness apothecary at 25 Main Street Chatham. We have many locally made products, and handmade items by local people!

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Friday 11-4

Saturday 11-4

More hours coming Spring/Summer

Roots Holistic Wellness is a community space for exploring, learning and growing. The space we offer is utilized by educators & practitioners to share their specialties. Our regular classes, programs and services include Yoga, Reiki, Conscious Living, & Tarot and Astrology readings. You can book appointments for these services on the services page.

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  • My appointments with Janine have never failed to help me. During our healing sessions together, I can feel her working as though she were doing a deep dive into my aura and energy centers. There are few times in my life where I have felt as relaxed as when I’m on her table working with her and her angel guides. Her sessions are very thorough, peaceful, and complete. At the end of our sessions, she always talks with me about what she felt and saw, which helps me to be an active player in my own healing. I highly recommend Janine to anyone who is looking to better their life and heal from all angles. 


  • “Mimí is an incredible reader, both for tarot and astrology. I’m lucky enough to have had both an astrology and tarot reading from Mimí- both of which were incredible. She is an amazing reader in the way in which she makes you comfortable and builds an instant connection with you. During my (online) tarot reading with Mimí she was able to help me get to the core questions I was really seeking answers for. I felt so much lighter and capable of moving forward with her help and guidance.As someone who has background knowledge in astrology, Mimí blew me away with her astrology reading. She has a very unique way of seeing the larger picture of an astrology chart, yet also give detailed feedback. She was able to go in depth with concepts I was familiar with, but also able to break things down simply for me when I needed it. Whether or not you are getting your first reading or your hundredth reading, I would highly recommend both an astrology and tarot reading from her! She has such a uplifting approach to her readings that is so unique and appreciated. “

    Ciera A.

  • “A reading with Mimi makes you feel so seen.  Her knowledge of Tarot and Astrology combine to help illuminate your strengths, weaknesses, and best paths to move through any obstacles in your current path.  It’s refreshing to have someone so generous and knowledgeable and grounded guiding you in a session.  I highly recommend if you too are needing a bit of clarity through life’s mysteries.”

    Clea A.