Roots Holistic Wellness is a community space for exploring, learning and growing. We are always expanding the spectrum of wellness to include different topics that contribute to the well being of everyone in the community. We support and offer a space for educators and practitioners to share their specialties. Our team specializes in healthy aging through yoga, conscious living, tarot & astrology and reiki.

Meet Our Team

Stephanie Gaylord


Through years of education in yoga and the healing arts combined with personal growth and direction, Stephanie Gaylord has created Roots Holistic Wellness. Of course, wellness can be taught and explained in different ways, but Stephanie believes that knowing who we are and how we connect not only to each other, but to our environment and our surroundings is most important. 

Roots Wellness came to fruition after intense holistic therapy to remedy many things, including adrenal fatigue, leg injury, a lifetime of trauma and domestic violence. Stephanie is personally committed to supporting others to find healing and happiness. 

Stephanie enjoys learning about ecology, biology, and the natural world around us. She is enthusiastic about different methods of growing food, foraging, learning about native plants & medicinal properties, and crafting things out of natural resources. She values nurturing connections with our planet, her two children, husband and the community.

Stephanie is a 200-HR RYT, completed a Bachelors Degree in Sociology & Liberal Arts, and has completed the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Foundations Program along with the IIN Integrative Health Coaching Program in 2015. She is always learning more from many different teachers about the connection between wellness, movement, lifestyle, and life itself in ways that are simple and anyone can utilize.

Kristy Teal Gasseholm


Above all, Kristy is a mother to her daughter Lila Grace. She is deeply passionate about helping mamas find power and purpose on their motherhood journey. 

Kristy has been practicing yoga and meditation for over a decade and teaching for the past 8 years. She’s a musician and loves to sing and share sound healings, and an applied aromatherapist who’s super passionate about plants + non-toxic living.

Kristy is also a mentor + coach for mamas and mamas-to-be. She currently has an online program called Conscious Conception and is in the process of creating an at-home prenatal yoga and meditation program and podcast all about motherhood. 

Stay connected with her on Instagram @kristy.teal 

Mimi Folco


Hello hello! My name is Mimí, I am an Argentine-American dog mom based in Columbia County. When people ask what I do, I usually have a long list of things that keep me passionate and inspired! Through all of my loves (including astrology, tarot, reiki, crystal candles, etc.), my core motivation is always to promote self-awareness and self-honesty (and have fun while doing it!) At the core of everything, my values are compassion, truth, and empowerment in order to align with the best version of the self.

I have been trained in Intuitive Tarot reading by many mentors, one of which is Sheilaa Hite. A wonderfully gifted teacher, she inspired me to take a unique & individual approach to reading Tarot cards. Sometimes a Tarot session can look like holding space for someone else to reflect on some emotions that they haven’t felt safe looking at or felt ostracized for experiencing. Other times, a session can be a deep dive into the learned emotional habits that need re-assessment. I believe that providing the opportunity to openly and honestly reflect without judgement of what comes up is a really important part of the experience.

Having studied Hellenistic Astrology under Chris Brennan and a more self-led modern education of Astrology, I aim to blend the two in a way that makes the most sense for you. Astrology can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be in order to be useful! I truly believe it is one of the best tools out there to come to a deep level of self-knowing. By reading your natal chart (the map of the sky when you were born), you begin to understand the patterns of energy you deal with throughout your life as well as cycles that need to be discontinued. It can help us in every area of life: work, love, friendships, self-discovery & so much more.

Janine Lawrence


A Long Island native, Janine moved to the upstate area with her husband Rick and their young son to be closer to family. Janine began her journey in the late 90’s working in the health care field coupled with learning, and teaching various hands on spiritual healing modalities. Janine is a trained Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, and Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor.  Janine, also a registered nurse for over 12 years, has worked with individuals throughout the lifespan including Mother’s and their babies, premature infants in the NICU as well as Hospice patients. With Janine’s unique perspective on the sacredness of the life and death process, she believes we all are all searching for balance within our everyday lives and can bring heaven to earth simply by being  present with ourselves and with one another.  Janine’s greatest desire is in assisting others on their wellness journeys through compassionate healing presence. Janine believes deep healing can occur by providing a space of non judgement, unconditional, loving compassion. 

Patrick Heffernan

Men’s Yoga Instructor

Patrick Heffernan completed his 200 hr yoga teaching certification at Sadhana Yoga Studio (Hudson, NY), led by Sondra Loring and Raghunath. He is currently working on the completion of his 300 hr training with Matt Giordano.  With a blend of anatomically precise posturing and creative sequencing, Patrick weaves dharma, bhakti and a sense of humor into his teaching, inviting students to get curious about their experience with yoga on and off the mat. Over his last seven years as a yoga teacher, he has cultivated a love for sharing his yoga practice not only through asana, but through chanting, kirtan, storytelling and meditation.

Brittany Craig

Owner of River Barre

Barre Teacher

A lover of movement and music since childhood, I have enjoyed anything that connects the mind body and soul. Maintaining my connection with the health and wellness industry ( a licensed massage therapist and NCBTMB MT ) and my love of theatrics I joined a burlesque group in 2005. Having the time of my life my body also responded in a beautiful way! Keeping this in mind, I started my journey into any kind of fun fitness. In 2010 I suffered a debilitating back injury and was on the brink of surgery. My curiosity ( and willful stubbornness against surgery ) led me on a journey of self-healing. Understanding the mechanicals of the human body I became a devoted pilates student for years and returned to full mobility, pain free.

Mixing my love of dance & pilates, I discovered the perfect fitness: Barre. After being a student I went to Brooklyn, NY to become certified in Barre Above. I’ve been teaching Barre ( and burlesque) for a combined total of 6 years. I’ve seen the life changing results in both myself and my students.

All classes finish with my number one favorite thing: a custom oil that I apply at cool down before I send you blissfully on your way.

Chris Hayes

QiGong/Tai Chi Instructor

Chris began studying Martial Arts over 40 years ago. In his teens, he discovered  Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine and his life would be forever changed. Over the next decades, Chris, studied and trained in China with Taoist, Buddhist and Muslim Martial Arts Masters, as well as with other Masters in Europe and the Americas.. After a near fatal car accident in the 90’s, Chris changed his focus and concentration to internal  Martial Arts and Practices, facilitating  a rapid recovery, and a long term plan for a quality of life. 

Chris is an LMT with specialization in TCM and Asian Modalities. Studied Shiatsu with Ohashi, as well as Adaptable Polarity,  Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment, and is an Apprentice Barefoot Doctor. 

With a degree in Performing arts, Chris is an Actor and Producer on stage and screen, artist, writer and all around Renaissance man. Chris has modeled his life after a Chinese ‘Youxia,’ ‘Wandering Knight,’. and endeavors to be an ally to other pilgrims on the path.  Empowering those to be their best selves through internal practices and self cultivation.

Check out Chris’s Qigong Classes starting Tuesday nights in June!